What Is an ICC Inspection?

The ICC, or International Code Council, has established a universal set of codes that each pertain to specific issues in a residential or commercial building. These codes are meant to protect the welfare of anyone living in or using the building from safety concerns or health hazards that may be present on the property. During an ICC Inspection, the professionals at BCD Inspection Service will thoroughly walk-through the property and search for any code violations so that they can be promptly repaired or otherwise addressed. We offer this service for both residential homes and commercial buildings, so call to schedule an inspection 7 days a week.

Long Beach ICC Inspection Services

Passing City Inspection

In order to pass a city inspection, your building needs to be ICC certified through an ICC Inspection. Self-employed, professional ICC inspectors are needed to offer this service to the city or to different companies who need certification for their buildings. BCD Inspection Service is an ICC certified company with years of experience working with building code and safety. We work often with Orange County and Long Beach architects, big builders, large real estate companies, and companies that do inspections for cities as they work towards getting their properties to pass a city inspection. Don’t put your trust or your safety in the hands of any other inspection company.

Our Experience and Dedication

In order to remain an ICC certified inspection company, we stay up-to-date with our training and education through the International Code Council. We are dedicated to our own education and stay current with information about the latest building practices, codes, and materials being used in the industry. The ICC’s values revolve around public service and safety, and we know just how important the services we provide are to upholding those values with our clients. We assure you that your ICC Inspection will be thorough, professional, and completed with integrity. Our experienced ICC inspector holds the following certifications:

  • ICC B1 Residential Building Inspector
  • ICC B2 Commercial Building Inspector
  • ICC B5 Building Inspector
ICC Home and Commercial Inspections

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