One aspect of home renovation that often gets overlooked is what to do with your belongings during the remodeling work. To effectively make room to complete the renovations, consider one of the following solutions for storage during remodeling.

Box Everything Up

Before putting your items into storage, pack everything well. Take the time to label your boxes. You’ll be glad you did when you’re unpacking after the renovation is complete. Also, if you need to find an item during the project, you’ll be thankful for well-organized boxes.

Use care when stacking boxes and other belongings in your storage space. Put chairs, tables, and sofas in the back so boxes are accessible at the front. Use bubble wrap for valuable belongings and put covers on your furniture and mattresses.

Options for Storage During Remodeling: Your Garage or Basement

If you have space in your garage or basement, use it for storage during the remodeling. Pack up belongings from the room that’s being renovated and stack those boxes in the garage or basement. If either of these spaces has moisture issues, place a tarp on the floor beneath the boxes to keep everything protected.

Use the Guest Room

If you have an unused guest bedroom, temporarily use that space to store boxes of items from the space that is being renovated. A room in your home will be climate controlled and will not have the same issues as the garage might, such as insects or moisture.

Ask Family or Friends for Help with Storage During Remodeling

If you have family or friends who live close by, ask them if they have extra space. You can store your belongings temporarily and return the favor when they decide to tackle their own home improvements.

Rent a Portable Container

Storage during remodeling is easy when you rent a portable container. Companies that provide this service will deliver the container right to your driveway. You can either keep the container on your property during the construction project or move it to a secure storage facility. This is a great solution when you don’t have options for free storage. As a bonus, if the container is stored at your home, you still have easy access to your belongings.

Use a Self-Storage Center

Renting space at a self-storage facility typically requires a deposit and a longer-term contract than renting a container. However, if your renovation project is going to last a few months or longer, this is a good option. When shopping for self-storage, look for a place that is conveniently located. Ask about payment options, video surveillance, pricing, and if the unit is climate controlled.

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