Once you’ve purchased a home, you may be caught off-guard by all the maintenance and upkeep required. Take some time to review the chores that come with a home so you know the things to expect as a homeowner. From maintaining the lawn to tackling plumbing problems, owning a house comes with many responsibilities.

What You Should Expect as a Homeowner

While no two homes are exactly the same, there are some things that every homeowner must prepare for. Read on to learn about some of the things you should expect as a homeowner.

1. Check Your Attic’s Installation

As a new homeowner, it’s a good idea to inspect the insulation in the attic. If your attic isn’t properly insulated, you’ll have higher utility bills and a less comfortable indoor environment. The house will be more difficult to cool in the summer and harder to heat in the winter.

2. Invest in Homeowners Insurance

Some home loans automatically add homeowners insurance into the cost of the mortgage. If your insurance isn’t already included in the monthly payment, you may forget about this expense. Investing in homeowners insurance is critical. Insurance protects you from losses that occur as a result of theft, property damage, weather events, and natural disasters.

While homeowners insurance can be costly, it is an important investment for every homeowner to make. For savings on your policy, consider bundling your auto insurance with your homeowners insurance.

3. Pay Homeowners Association (HOA) Fees

Many homeowners value having an association that sets standards within the neighborhood. If your home is part of a community with an HOA, you can expect to pay the related fees.

4. Expect to Buy New Window Treatments as a Homeowner

Window treatments are another cost that many new buyers don’t expect. If you’re purchasing a home, you may assume that it comes with window treatments. Drapes and blinds may not seem like a necessity, but they are important for protecting your privacy.

As a home-buyer, you’ll want to purchase blinds, curtains, and/or shutters. While you can find inexpensive curtains and blinds, you’ll spend upwards of hundreds of dollars for custom-made treatments.

5. Schedule Regular HVAC Inspections

Homeowners who are moving from renting to owning a property often don’t plan for service and maintenance on their HVAC system. While your landlord was responsible for the upkeep of your rental property’s HVAC system, as a homeowner, you’ll need to schedule regular services to keep the AC and heat running efficiently.

Proper cleaning and professional inspections of your HVAC will help your system run well for years. Clean or replace your air filters every month to make sure your air quality isn’t compromised.

Homeownership is an exciting milestone. Be better prepared by scheduling these maintenance tasks for your home.

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